Posted: October 13, 2014

Maier Tree & Lawn offers tree care consultations for homeowners in Rochester and nearby areas.

Are you building a new home in the greater Rochester, MN area and wondering how to best protect the trees located near the build site? Do you have concerns about the new CapX2020 project running electrical transmission lines through your property and the potential negative impact to your trees? With all the recent news about the discovery of EAB in the Rochester area, do you have questions about the health of that group of beautiful ash trees in your backyard?

No matter what your tree question may be, Maier Tree and Lawn is here to help. We offer a consultation service meant to provide you with as much information as necessary in regards to the trees on your property. From pests and disease to physical damage and trimming, Maier Tree and Lawn is here for you.

If you own property in the Rochester, MN area with trees on the premises, you are likely hyper aware of their beauty and benefit. Trees offer shade from heat, limit snow drifting, and are soothing to hear when the wind blows. The rustling of leaves and the coolness of shade are not always a guarantee a tree is in good health. At Maier Tree and Lawn we have certified arborists on staff. We have access to a lab for in-depth diagnosis, and years of knowledge and experience on how to maintain or improve the health of your tree(s). Our consultation service provides personal access to our certified arborists plus the resources required to help you address any questions you may have regarding tree health and growth. Consultations last as long as necessary and will address anything you see fit.

If you find yourself in a situation questioning the health of your tree(s), then Maier Tree and Lawn is ready and waiting to assist you. Based here in Rochester, MN, we offer a tree consultation service that is second to none. Knowledge is power, and we are here to empower you to know all you must about maintaining and sustaining your tree(s). Contact us today if you find yourself concerned that cutting down that 100 year old tree is your only option. Here at Maier Tree and Lawn, we are betting our arborists have better news and alternatives for you.

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