Posted: August 25, 2014

Maier Tree and Lawn answers all your EAB questions

Though Minnesota has only had 4 counties with Emerald Ash Borer identified over the last six years, on August 20th, EAB positive trees were confirmed in Olmsted County. The infected trees are near the I-90 and Hwy 63 interchange, south of the Rochester airport. This is the first confirmed case in our area. What does this mean for Olmsted County? We will join Hennepin, Houston, Ramsey, and Winona counties in a quarantine, hoping to prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer. Compared to other states, Minnesota has done a good job in containing the infested trees. With approximately 1 billion ash trees, Minnesota is especially susceptible to EAB and the destructive consequences of an infestation. How do I protect my trees and property?  First of all, don't panic. Maier Tree & Lawn knew the spread of EAB was a possibility and has been preparing for such an occurrence. You may already be on our list for ash tree treatment, and in this case, our team will visit your property within the next few weeks. If you are not on our ash tree treatment list, now is the perfect time to schedule a consult with one of our arborists. Prevention is the key to keeping your trees healthy. With Maier Tree & Lawn, you can put a plan in place that will protect your ash trees. This includes putting them on a treatment schedule, removing less valuable ash trees, and planting other species of trees to diversify your property. Waiting until you see physical damage or symptoms may be too late to save your tree. As time goes on, the emerald ash borer infestation may spread. Now is the time to contact us for treatment or removal. By booking ahead for winter removal, you can actually save money. Tree removal pricing will increase as demand for eradicating EAB increases. By acting now, even a lightly infested tree will have great recovery results. What else can I do? Hopefully, you're part of the majority who haven’t yet found EAB on their properties. If so, there are a few other things you can do to help prevent the spread of emerald ash borer.

  • Don't transport firewood. This is the major cause of the spread of infestations.
  • Be aware of quarantine restrictions. Quarantines operate on a state and federal level. Please check before transporting any tree out of your area.
  • Watch your ash trees for infestation. A quick reaction can help save a lightly infested tree.

Who should I call? There are many tree removal services in Rochester, MN but Maier Tree & Lawn is the only tree and lawn care service that is TCIA accredited. When it comes to treating trees for emerald ash borer, using Maier will put you in the best hands. Maier Tree & Lawn's certified arborists are trained in the art of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. We see each tree, and the forest as a whole. We already have plenty of experience dealing with EAB in Winona county, and we are ready to serve the residents of Rochester and Olmsted County. Please contact us today for preventative action or tree removal services. You can reach us in Rochester at 507.286.8733 or in Winona at 507.454.7000. You can also request a quote by visiting our website. Together, we can save your tree(s).

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