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Tree Care and Tree Health
Responsible Tree Management and the Prevention of Oak Wilt
Tree Care
Preventing Winter Damage to Healthy Trees
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Tree Care
Forest Management For Communities In Search Of Comprehensive Forestry Services
Maintaining a group or forest of trees doesn’t always mean leaving them to their own devices. Even developed areas have a unique ecosystem that needs to be kept in good condition in order for trees to flourish.
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Lawn Care Services
Introducing Organic Fertilizers To Your Lawn Care Routine
At Maier Tree and Lawn, our organic-based fertilizing options are a perfect solution for Rochester, MN lawns in need of care but not in need of harsh chemical intervention.
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Tree Consulting Service
Consulting Disease Management Experts To Control Emerald Ash Borer Outbreaks
If emerald ash borers have already been identified in your area, disease management support may be the next best step.
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Lawn Care Tips
Building the Foundation for a Healthy Lawn with High-quality Soil Care
The plant healthcare experts at Maier Tree and Lawn have the tools and knowledge to help your plants thrive year-round with in-depth soil assessments and treatments.
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Lawn Care Services
Mitigating Lawn Fungus With Fungus Control & Proper Turf Care
Whether your Winona, MN, property is commercial or residential, maintaining healthy and inviting turf makes a big impact on the value and perception of your property.
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Tree Disease
Reviewing Oak Wilt: The Signs For Property Owners To Spot
Protecting your Winona, MN, trees from diseases requires a fair amount of vigilance, especially if the disease in question is a fast-moving fungal one such as oak wilt.
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