Posted: October 23, 2020

It’s easy to think that healthy trees in the Winona, MN area are perfectly suited to their natural environment. They can grow independently around the lakes, flourish without intervention on the bluffs, and of course, survive cold, harsh Minnesota winters.


Unfortunately, while some trees are indeed able to pull off this trifecta with very little help, it’s still entirely possible for your trees to sustain damage from extreme winter conditions. Luckily the arborists with Maier Tree and Lawn have the tree care techniques that you need to get your trees safely to spring.


Tree care tends to be a little more hands-off during winter compared to the rest of the year. This is because many tree species are experiencing some level of dormancy. Even a healthy tree, however, may need a bit of help once winter sets it. Cold and ice damage can happen to trees and roots, and hands-off tree care may not be enough to prevent it.


Cold damage can manifest as a gradual sapping of the overall health of a tree in the winter, or it can occur due to a sudden onslaught of ice and snow. You may notice conifers browning rapidly, cracking or scarring bark, branch or leaf loss, or breakage from the weight of overwhelming heavy snow. These tree injuries may happen overnight or lead to a slow decay that damages your trees after snowmelt. Luckily there are actions that can be taken to prevent cold damaged to otherwise healthy trees.


Depending upon the type of damage in question, there are a variety of solutions that can serve to preserve the health of your trees. In some cases, carefully tying up weak or young trees may be all you need to ensure they survive the winter, but on occasion more intervention may be needed. Winter tree care performed by a professional arborist may include expert pruning to reduce snow stress cabling or bracing of branches to protect weak branch unions. No matter what your tree needs may be, our tree care professionals can help.


If your healthy trees in the Winona, MN area have been impacted by ice or snow damage and are in jeopardy, contact Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000. For additional information on tree care and winter tree maintenance, you can also contact us online.

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