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Determining if Your Tree is a Hazard From the Tree Care Experts in Winona, MN

May 11th, 2018 · No Comments

Spring is a great time for tree care hobbyists in Winona, MN to evaluate the health of their trees. These tree care evaluations can include anything from eyeing them for a little trimming all the way to removing trees entirely. Though it can be a tough call to make, it’s possible that the rough Minnesota winter has rendered some trees hazardous and because of this, it would be safer to have them professionally evaluated and removed. If you’re starting the spring tree care season with some reservations about your hazard trees, the tree care experts with Maier Tree & Lawn have a few pointers of what to look for when deciding who should stay and who should go.


When you’re trying to identify hazard trees, start by looking for obvious structural damage. If you see branches hanging askew or entire sections looking lopsided, make a note and keep an eye on the spot. Depending upon the size of the tree it can be difficult to determine what makes a hazard tree and what is just a few damaged limbs but making notes of these things is useful for tree care professionals as well. Always be sure to play it safe though and avoid walking beneath the loose looking sections.


If there’s no obvious damage, the next step is to check for unusual leaning or swaying. Hazard trees are often identifiable by their lack of sturdiness in adverse weather. If you have a big old tree that seems to be shifting in the breeze, be sure to contact a tree care professional with your concerns ASAP. A wiggly tree is one thing; a downed tree on your car is another.


If you can’t quite pinpoint the issue and you’re concerned that the damage is more internal, you could also do a simple knock test to check for hollow or soft spots. This process can be difficult to do without experience and sometimes problem spots can be subtle. As soon as you feel like something is off during the tree care process, consider contacting a professional familiar with signs of hazard trees.


Hazard trees can be unpredictable, and with the windy spring weather coming into Winona, MN soon, be sure to deal with it sooner rather than later! If you’ve noticed an odd spot, hanging branches, or other signs that a tree on your property may be hazardous, contact Maier Tree & Lawn today at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for more information.

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