plant healthcare services in Rochester and Winona MN

Plant Healthcare Services in Rochester, MN

Maier Tree & Lawn provides plant health services in Rochester, Winona, and throughout southeast Minnesota.

Plant health starts with the roots. Just like keeping you healthy starts with nutrition, healthy plants need proper nutrients to grow to their full potential. Maier Tree & Lawn has tree and lawn care programs that can help maintain your landscape. In addition, we have the products and expertise to treat unwanted pests that can affect your trees and shrubs.

For more information on the importance of plant healthcare in Rochester and to schedule a consultation, contact Maier Tree & Lawn today!

  • Soil Care - Adds several important ingredients to the soil by soil injection under the entire drip-line and beyond. The addition of beneficial soil organisms, organic matter and nutrients help to decompact, replenish and condition the soil for optimal root growth.

    Learn more about our Root Care Program >

  • Cambistat - Is a soil-applied product that is absorbed through the roots. It gently slows the growth of a tree, allowing it to redirect some of its energy from its canopy to defense chemicals, fibrous root growth and other uses. It is used to control growth, help roots compete in turf and compacted soils, and re-establish roots after being damaged. It is often used before and after construction, when fighting chlorosis, on high value trees, and trees in small spaces.

    Cambistat Brochure >

  • Verdur - Treats a condition called chlorosis. Chlorosis is a serious condition where a tree’s ability to manufacture chlorophyll has been compromised. Without sufficient chlorophyll a tree cannot make food for itself. Verdur stimulates the production of chlorophyll by adding iron or manganese. It should be used with Cambistat to further address the problem.

    Verdur Brochure >

  • Xytect - Is a broad-spectrum, systemic insecticide that insects ingest and quickly stop feeding and die. Xytect works on many insects including Aphids, Leafminers, Pine tip moth, Sawfly larvae, Scale insects (soft scales), Borers (including Bronze Birch Borer and Emerald Ash Borer), and more.

    Xytect Brochure >

  • Alamo - Is a fungicide that we use to manage oak wilt. Oak Wilt is a deadly, root- and air-transmitted fungus that affects most species of oaks. Through the proper preventative use of Alamo we can protect all oaks from getting the disease and even treat certain species that already have it.

  • Arbotect - Is a fungicide that we use to manage Dutch elm disease. Dutch elm disease is a deadly fungus that affects primarily American and red elms. It is spread through root grafts and carried overland by beetles. Through the proper use of Arbotech we can protect most elms from getting the disease. When dealing with elms in a wooded area, we are limited in what we can do, but it is still worth it to contact us to learn your options.

  • Air Spade - Is a tool that we use to safely remove soil around a root system. We may use an air spade to check for stem girdling roots or decay around the stem and root plate, or we can safely remove or stir up larger volumes of compacted soil to amend and replace. The process of Root Enhancement is a service we provide to do that specifically. It is a tremendous tool in keeping trees healthy.


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