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Maier Tree and Lawn provides tree care services in Rochester, MN so no tree is left behind!

Our research-based maintenance for young trees is centered on two main goals; 1) improving root development, and 2) pruning for long-term structure, otherwise called structural pruning. Both are critical to establish in the early years.

Improving Root Development
Our strategy for improving root development starts with a check of the “root flare”, the point where the first main root meets the trees trunk, and the removal of any soil or mulch above this point. A deep root flare is extremely detrimental and can cause the tree to strangle itself as it grows (stem girdling roots). Next our soil-injected root care program ensures that the tree has excellent soil to grow into. We do this through the addition of organic matter and beneficial soil organisms that decompact and condition the soil so water and nutrients are easy to uptake (see our Root Care Fact Sheet).

Formative Tree Pruning ChartPruning for Long-Term Structure
When it comes to the above ground parts of a young tree, we rely on a process called structural or formative pruning. This is done by the reduction or removal of any branches competing with the dominant leader, and the reduction of lateral limbs that are more than 1/3 the diameter of the main stem.

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