Posted: November 21, 2012

Most everyone who plants a tree does so with the sincerest interests in mind; to fill a void in a large empty yard, as an Earth Day project with the kids, or to create cooling shade over the house and deck in the future. Problems can occur when a tree is planted without regard to how big it will become in the years to come. Depending on the variety you plant that tiny seedling, easily toted in one hand, can grow taller and heavier than most dinosaurs. The shade tree that was just the right size when you bought your home can morph into a towering behemoth with branches that scratch and skitter across the upstairs windows, dig and drag against the shingles, and relentlessly thrash against the soffits and siding. When trees grow too large what are your options? The solution is simple - call Maier Forest and Tree and discuss your concerns with one of our trained and certified arborists. We will come to your home, evaluate the situation, and provide you with a professional assessment to address your worries. Our highly trained and certified staff can perform the maintenance required for a healthy, beautiful and useful tree. This is the best time of year to call Maier and ask for a professional consultation. We offer a discounted rate on tree work if you pre-book winter work before Thanksgiving. The winter months can be the best time to trim and maintain a tree. Give us a call now, get pre-booked on our winter schedule, receive a discount, and let us tame that monster tree so you can have a safe and enjoyable tree companion!

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