Posted: April 16, 2016

Removing a tree can be an enormous change for your yard. It can affect how much light reaches your windows, free up space for a new garden, or other trees and leave empty spots to fill. The decision to go through with a tree removal can still be very difficult. Many Winona, MN homeowners become very attached to their trees, and for good reason. But someday the cons might outweigh the pros, and it will be time to contact the professionals from Maier Tree & Lawn. If you think you may want a tree removed but are having a hard time deciding, here are some yard care facts to consider.

Size and Shape:

By no fault of their own, sometimes trees just grow up... awkwardly. This could mean growing into power lines, smothering sunlight, pushing roots through gardens, or dropping twigs and acorns onto your car. If a tree isn't working in your yard, it may be time to consider a professional removal.

A tree exists in your yard to serve you. It’s better to be happy with your lawn in the long term than to be dealing with the constant frustration of an incompatible leafy yard-mate. Plus, a poorly grown tree may lower the value of your home. When it comes to home value, proper yard care definitely includes aesthetic aspects.

Damage and Danger:

Even if a tree grew up and out perfectly, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be problem-free forever. You should consider tree removal if at any point your tree becomes significantly damaged or is in any way a danger. In fact, in some cases, damage may even lead to danger. Large, weak branches can be dangerous to walk underneath. Wayward branches can cause fires if they hit power lines. Hollow trunks can lead to a caved-in roof after a windstorm. The list goes on. Yard care requires a certain level of awareness about how all of your plants, turf, and trees are interacting with one another. Keep your lawn hazard free and have your compromised trees professionally assessed before they lead to more problems.

Wilting and Wellness:

On a similar note, a tree doesn't have to be obviously broken for it to be a yard care hazard. Tree diseases and infestations are a perfectly good reason to consider a tree removal as well. Signs of persistent wilting, chewed-on leaves, or discoloration may be a sign of tree-sickness. If any of your trees are ill, they may infect other trees or plants on your property. In cases of danger or disease, a speedy removal is in the best interest of you and your lawn.

But don’t just trust your own knowledge or another uneducated opinion. Have one of our professional certified arborists assess your tree. You want someone who loves trees making decisions about yours. Winona, MN tree owners can contact Maier Tree & Lawn today at 507.454.7000 or visit their website here to learn more about tree removals and yard care.

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