Posted: March 14, 2019

Lawn care often picks up pretty quickly once the thaw begins in Rochester, MN. As temperatures begin to rise, so do the needs of your lawn and grass. Deciding how to best focus your lawn care processes can be difficult, especially if you have a large property or lawn with many needs. One great first step you can take to prepare your lawn care routine for spring is to schedule a lawn aeration appointment with Maier Tree and Lawn before the growing season really kicks off.

Spring lawn aeration is a process that many homeowners annually rely upon to help their grass reach its fullest potential in the warmer months. Though aeration technology isn't exactly brand new, there are still plenty of homeowners and lawn care newbies who may not be familiar with it. However, living in a state with harsh weather means working to give your grass every possible chance to succeed regardless of your lawn care expertise, and for the unfamiliar, one of those chances can involve aeration.

Aeration is the process of systematically pulling out "plugs" of soil from your lawn to allow more space for nutrients and water to penetrate the surface. Aeration also allows for your grass to grow more freely with the additional open space which is great for soil that has been packed down tightly. Compacted soil prevents water and nutrients from penetrating down to the roots of the grass, stunting proper development and growth. With aeration you give your grass a fighting chance.

Thanks to its many benefits, aeration is a great process to employ in more than one season. However, the lawn care benefits vary based upon the type of grass you grow or when you plan to seed. Generally, aeration is a great lawn care tool to employ before growing season gets into full swing. That way your grass can reap the full benefits of the extra wiggle room than the process ensures. For some lawn care enthusiasts this may mean that aeration will best serve you in the fall instead of the spring. If you aren't sure, don't be afraid to ask a lawn care professional for a recommended timeline.

If your Rochester, MN lawn is thawed, warming, and ready for aeration, call Maier Tree and Lawn today to schedule your appointment. Our lawn care professionals can be reached at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here.

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