Posted: August 25, 2016

Effective lawn maintenance is a complicated machine with many moving parts. Proper seasonal timing and well-chosen tools make a good foundation, but without appropriate watering, fertilizing, and lawn aeration, the “machine” can still break down. Now that fall is coming fast in Rochester, MN, it's a good transitional time to evaluate your lawn and see if it needs some oil in its gears, or in the case of aeration, some holes in its soil.

Lawn aeration is a deeply important part of proper lawn maintenance, and that’s meant quite literally. Aeration is all about allowing water and organic matter to penetrate deeply enough that your lawn can reap all the benefits that good fall weather has to offer. Aeration is sometimes overlooked by land owners because the need for aeration isn't always obvious to the naked eye. In fact, it may be easier to go by touch rather than by sight in this case. Heavily compacted, dry, and battered soil may benefit from lawn aeration.

Additionally, lawns that handle a lot of traffic or suffer from sponginess may benefit from the aerating process. This can stem from hosting a lot of lawn parties, having many rambunctious kids, or you could just naturally have a lawn type that tends to get compacted. Regardless of the cause, unhealthy turf can be aided by aeration, especially when it’s done during an active growing season such as late spring or early fall.

If you've discovered that your lawn maintenance routine isn't as effective as it used to be and that your grass appears to be lacking in nutrients, contact Maier Tree and Lawn and inquire about lawn aeration for your property today. Preparing your lawn for a Rochester, MN, winter means giving it all the help it can get before the first snowfall. Rochester, MN, residents can call Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 286-8733 or visit their website here.

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