Posted: August 07, 2014

Maier Tree & Lawn Provides Tree Pruning Services in Rochester and Winona, MN

We are approaching the warmest time of the year in the Midwest, and that means the grass and weeds have been growing for several months now. Which likely also means you have weeds that are "growing like weeds" and starving your grass of sunlight and required nutrients. Given the warm temperatures, you may want to stay inside to relax and let Maier Tree & Lawn of Rochester, MN handle your lawn care needs.

Most people know that the best way to maintain a healthy lawn is to fertilize their turf and give it the nutrients the grass needs to thrive. However, fertilizing can entail many different applications and products. Keeping weeds at bay requires the correct type and timely application of weed killer. This holds true in controlling crabgrass and insects. When and how to apply these treatments may be quite confusing, but the experts at Maier Tree & Lawn know exactly what to do.

Maier Tree & Lawn will come to your property and do an extensive lawn analysis. They can formulate a year-round plan to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. They also specialize in tree pruning. So, while you are making sure your lawn is healthy, you may want to have a certified arborist checkout your trees as well.

Summer is the time to enjoy the weather and beauty the Midwest has to offer. If your lawn needs attention, or you have some tree pruning needs in Rochester, MN, please give Maier Tree & Lawn a call today. We will come out and complete your summer lawn care projects while you enjoy the sun, or, if you prefer, the air conditioning!

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