Posted: May 31, 2019

Finally getting to spring is an arduous process for Winona, MN, residents. Often, the first thaw is quickly overthrown by the thousandth snowfall, and even moderate temperatures during the day can be followed by freezing temps overnight. Because of this, trying to judge when to start your lawn care when winter is still lingering can be a game of luck and an exercise in frustration. When it comes maintaining a healthy lawn, the lawn care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn encourage homeowners to exercise patience, because managing your timing is the most important skill to master.

Acting too soon or too late can put unnecessary strain on an otherwise healthy lawn.

Watering is one of the simplest aspects of lawn care that’s the hardest to resist doing too early. Though it’s true that your lawn will likely need a little extra moisture heading into spring, watering too early can leave the water sitting on frozen ground instead of soaking into the soil. A great way to stress a healthy lawn after a tough winter is to turn it into a lake as soon as the temperature creeps above freezing.

It's also important to remember that your lawn is likely coming out of its dormant state gradually. Treating it too aggressively right off the bat could cause side effects like growing delays. For instance, you should try to delay your lawn mowing until things perk up a little bit. If the grass is still dormant, frozen, or brittle, then mowing it won't be doing it any favors. Once the growing season has begun, feel free to tackle your lawn with a bit more vigor.

It's unlikely that you'll kill your lawn if you make a minor misstep like watering or mowing a little early, but ensuring a healthy lawn year-round sometimes means easing off on the lawn care until your grass can fend for itself.

If you're itching to do some lawn work or you're worried about the state of your Winona, MN lawn, contact the lawn care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn for a consultation or to set up a lawn care appointment. Call today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website for healthy lawn tips and more information.

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