Posted: October 01, 2018

Residents of Rochester, MN are likely very used to living life surrounded by trees. With trees throughout the city and healthy, vibrant parks around city limits, it's harder to avoid trees than it is to find them. But just because you're familiar with trees on a basic level doesn't mean that you'll always see trouble coming when one of your trees isn't doing so well. The tree health professionals with Maier Tree & Lawn urge tree care enthusiasts to watch for early signs of health trouble in your trees before a spiral downward becomes a tailspin your tree can’t escape.

If something seems off about one of your trees but you can't quite pinpoint what it is, start looking from the bottom and evaluate upwards. Some major signs of declining tree health near the base of your tree may include fungal growths, signs of major pest damage at the foot of the trunk, or any unusual discoloration of the bark itself. Issues like fungal growths may be obvious to note during routine tree care, but other signs of impending issues could be a little subtler.

Working your way upwards, look for signs of rot or major cankers in the flesh of the tree. Depending on the type of tree you own, rot and other health issues could be harder to detect with the naked eye. Don't be afraid to consult a tree health expert if you can't put your finger on what looks “wrong.” If you catch some problems early enough, proper tree care and a little extra elbow grease may be able to reverse some symptoms.

After evaluating the trunk, try to identify tree health symptoms at the crown. Some obvious signs of poor tree health here may include unusual discoloration, cracked branches, or significant leaf loss. Or, some subtler signs of trouble may include underdeveloped fruit, unusually small leaves, or general wilting. If you notice any of these signs continuing for one or more seasons, it may be time to consult a tree health professional.

Sometimes when tree health has declined especially dramatically, there's nothing that can be done. In these cases, even extra tree care may be a little too late. Act as soon as you notice tree health concerns to prevent losing a tree that could have been saved. For assistance in Rochester, MN providing tree care for your sick boughs, call us at Maier Tree & Lawn at (507) 286-8733, or visit our website here for additional information.

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