Posted: July 01, 2016

At first glance, snipping stray tree branches doesn't appear to be a terribly complicated task. Hold branch, cut branch, dispose of branch, and drink celebratory lemonade, right? Well, without a little guidance, those snips can cause more harm than good when it comes to tree care. Tree care and tree health is all about knowing the difference between too much versus too little. Too little attention can mean a wayward mess of protruding branches, yet too much attention can cause stress, damage, and death. If you're contemplating performing some summer tree pruning in Rochester, MN, contact the tree care experts are Maier Tree and Lawn first.

The first step of proper tree pruning, and tree care for that matter, is to observe. Survey the tree and see where things look uneven or unhealthy. Watch for changes in color and shape, and keep an eye out for obvious damage such as broken branches after a storm. Don't forget to consider the environment as well. For instance, is it possible that the tree will be a danger if it continues to grow naturally? Is it near power lines or too close to your windows? Look carefully and get to know your tree.

Next, get the right tools. You don't need a chainsaw to trim a sapling, but a too-tiny saw may cause strain to your limbs without proper use. Consult our tree care experts about what would work best for the size and shape of your tree. What works best for one tree may not be healthy for another.

Finally, cut the branches to preserve optimal tree health. Start by making a cut partway through the branch on the underside. This will help the branch fall away cleanly once you make another cut through the top and prevent tearing healthy bark. Don't cut too close to the trunk until the bulk of the branch has been removed, then remove the stub that remains. And pay attention to the final cut, not too close to the trunk and not too far.

These basic steps can be applied to much of the pruning process, but every tree is a little different. If you have any concerns about tree health or tree care or foresee a large pruning project, Rochester, MN residents can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 286-8733, or visit our website here.

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