Posted: March 25, 2016

The river is rising, the ice is receding, and temperatures are finally inching above freezing in Winona, MN. Soon, the bluffs will bloom and the plethora of trees in the city will be flush with new foliage and color. For tree enthusiasts around the state, this is a time of rejuvenation and leafy splendor! And for some tree owners, this is also a time of panicked last minute pruning. With spring comes fresh sap and new growth on your trees, so if you haven't yet invested in a proper winter pruning session for your oaks, ashes, and elms, you may want to get in touch with an arborist at a professional tree care service such as Maier Tree and Lawn before it's too late!

What’s the reason for the rush? Well, this new warmer weather means that we've hit the final sweet-spot for certain tree species' annual pruning. The most effective time to work on your oaks, elms, and ashes is when they’re still dormant from the cold months. This means that extensive pruning can be done with maximum efficiency and minimal tree-stress. Once all your trees are 'awake,' excessive cuts can cause trauma, which is no fun for anyone, or any tree.

Planning around winter dormancy is a great way to care for your trees and entire landscape. It allows you to make changes without danger of disrupting an active ecosystem. As any landscape arborist can tell you, proper tree care is all about type and timing. Knowing when to prune them in the winter, when to fertilize them in spring or fall and when to give them a little extra water in the summer is the difference between healthy, long-living trees and sick little saplings that don't last. However, finding this seasonal rhythm can be difficult since the specifications vary depending upon the tree species. Luckily, lawn care service specialists can give you the info you need for your trees.

For instance, March is the last month that the arborists on Maier Tree and Lawn's team will be pruning oak, elm, and ash trees, but if you have other varieties you'd like to inquire about, don't be afraid to call anyway. Residents in the Winona, MN area can contact Maier Tree and Lawn at 507.454.7000 or visit their website here.

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