Posted: September 16, 2019

Native Minnesota trees are generally a hardy bunch having flourished in the harsh, fast-changing weather of the north. Even the sturdiest trees, however, can fall victim to the wide variety of environmental risks a true Minnesota winter offers. With winter looming, protecting your trees is as much about thinking ahead as it is reacting to issues as they arise. The tree care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn want your trees to be ready for anything that winter in Winona, MN, can throw at them, and with professional tree consulting services, you can prepare for the worst and work to ensure the best.

Professional tree consulting services can cover any number of topics. It may be that one of your trees is looking a little droopy or discolored. Perhaps you're tired of your trees not making it through the winter, or frustrated with local wildlife munching away at bark and low hanging branches all year long. Regardless of the specificity of your concerns, an effective tree consultation session will leave you with a much better sense of how you can keep your trees intact and healthy in every season. Preparing for harsh weather is an excellent reason to schedule a professional tree consultation.

You may have a variety of trees on your property that ranges from different species and ages to different levels of overall health. Even if the trees in question are well suited to winter, they may still be in danger of unexpected winter damage. New, young trees are especially susceptible to environmental damage such as freezing, wind damage, or snow-related breakage, but this type of damage is not exclusive to trees in the early stages of growth. Our tree care professionals are trained to help you pinpoint the support that all your trees will need to make it through the freezing months ahead.

If you’re concerned about the trees on your Winona, MN, property, contact our tree care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn today for tree consulting services. For additional information on effective winter tree care, please give us a call at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here.

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