Posted: April 24, 2014

Maier Tree & Lawn | Tree Care and Tree Services in Rochester and Winona, MN

As temperatures rise and the snow melts away, the long winter wear and tear can be seen in the environment around us. The muddy, brown grass proclaims just that, but it also reminds us of the new growth that will take over as we head into spring. This year, however, there’s the addition of tree branches littering the lawn. The weight of winter has taken a toll on our trees. With Maier Tree and Lawn Care, we can help you clean up from winter and prepare for spring with our tree services in Rochester and Winona, MN.

We offer our tree services to help you recover and improve your lawn from the green oasis you may vaguely recall from last year. Amidst our tree services in Rochester, MN, Maier Tree and Lawn Care offers low cost tree consultation, tree pruning, tree and stump removal, and tree and plant health care.

  • Whether you’re taking care of your current trees or looking to add more, tree consultation can help you assess the condition and maintenance of your trees.
  • To ensure proper growth and a healthy life for your trees, regular tree pruning is necessary; it will help your trees withstand weather conditions and resist decay. Oh, and make your trees look nice! Our arborists have mastered the art and science necessary to care for and beautify your trees.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes the removal of a tree is important to the life and longevity of the rest of your property. No matter the size of your tree, Maier Tree and Lawn Care is ready and able to assist in your tree removal needs. With our many tools and hard-working employees, we’re quick to take on the challenge and do the job well!
  • Part of the life of your trees is important preventative maintenance and fertilization. We provide these services, as well as expert knowledge of insects and diseases, as a part of our tree and healthcare.

Maier Tree and Lawn provides these services and more to the Rochester and Winona areas. However, if this information seems overwhelming, fear not! We’re here to know and understand the information for you, so give us a call and speak with one of our certified arborists. We’re here to help you understand, to improve the healthy and beauty of your property, and to dream of spring colors just beyond the muddy season. We’re almost there! So, allow us to help you make these spring dreams a reality and call Maier Tree & Lawn today.

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