Posted: August 26, 2021

Weed control is a common struggle in the world of lawn care, and this is true for Winona, MN, lawns as well as lawns across the country. But with proper preparation and follow-through, weed control doesn’t have to be an all-consuming aspect of lawn care. At Maier Tree and Lawn, our lawn-care options can help prevent and remove weeds, so your lawn stays healthy and thrives without being constantly under threat of a weed-based takeover.

Priming your lawn for weed control means creating an environment that prevents weeds from taking root. If your turf is in good condition and kept that way, weeds will struggle to find a space to settle in. This condition can be accomplished with a variety of lawn-care techniques such as aeration, fertilization, careful watering and regular mowing, and effective seeding methods. The goal of many of these techniques is to encourage your grass to flourish to such an extent that weeds simply don’t have the room to encroach.

For most lawns, the right application of the preceding techniques removes the threat of weed growth before it even becomes a challenge. But for other lawns across the country, weed control is already a struggle, and treatment is more pressing than prevention. The good news is that lawns already struggling with weed control can still benefit from many of the preceding methods as well as additional mitigation and consistent lawn-care treatments. Weed sprays and targeted lawn treatments may be the solution that your lawn is waiting for.

At Maier Tree and Lawn, our lawn-care experts work to foster a weed-free environment for your property using proven techniques to improve the health and beauty of your turf. If your property is contending with weed growth, minor or major, our specialists can work with you to create a turf-friendly management plan that benefits your property and satisfies your lawn-care goals.

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