Posted: December 19, 2016

Autumn in Rochester, MN, is a great time of year for outdoor entertaining. It's cool enough to run around without overheating, the bugs are finally buzzing off, and the scenery is that perfect mix of autumn colors and early sunsets. You may prefer to spend your evenings outside around the fire pit with a beer and a blanket, or perhaps devote an afternoon to a game of flag football with the family. Regardless of your inclinations, the one thing that can always put a damper on a romp in the yard is overgrown, overwhelming weeds. Maier Tree and Lawn has the tools to assist you with your weed problems so you can get back to your regularly scheduled fall relaxation.

Weeds come in many shapes and sizes, but at their core they're classified apart from other plants because of their detrimental characteristics. They may hurt the plants around them, be ugly to look at, or might just hurt you if you step on them. If you're trying to foster a healthy, comfortable lawn that's perfect for entertaining, it's time to consider some serious weed removal.

It might feel wrong to worry about weed control when winter here, but planning now will help you prepare for spring. One of the great secrets of effective lawn care is that you should keep it in mind however you can, year-round, even if snow is on the ground.

Weed control can keep your lawn looking neat and tidy while simultaneously fostering stronger overall lawn health. If your lawn has trouble with weeds and it's impacting your autumn plans, contact the weed control experts at Maier Tree and Lawn. We can be reached at (507) 286-7000, or by visiting our website here for more information. Don't let a scruffy lawn prevent you from enjoying the beauty of autumn in Rochester, MN.

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