Posted: September 23, 2015

Have you ever purchased a home with landscape that looked unkempt? Chances are, if you did, you expected to pay less than the asking price. The better a property's landscape looks, the higher the perceived value is in the eye of the buyer. A solid, coherent landscape plan will only appreciate over time. That's why you should select the right trees and shrubs for your tree care program in Rochester and Winona, Minnesota. Consult the arborists at Maier Tree & Lawn to help you create that sophisticated design buyers crave.

Many people concentrate more on the inside of their homes and address the curb-appeal aspect later. When they do start to focus on landscaping, they may plant a tree here and a shrub there, as the budget allows. Eventually, the yard develops a haphazard look.

Our arborists recommend that you develop a master plan that incorporates the following:

    • Do you have a spot that needs a plant to keep the soil intact? If you have alkaline soil, perhaps a hardy creeping juniper, crimson pigmy barberry, lilac, or viburnum will work for you. Black chokeberry, red osier dogwood, dwarf bush honeysuckle, and lilac can all thrive in clay soil.


    • You will want to consider what the mature size of the tree or shrub will be before you plant it. Trees and shrubs need room to grow properly. Unnecessarily crowding your shrubs and trees will make it difficult to adopt a good tree care program in Rochester and Winona.


    • Border identification. Instead of a fence, perhaps you'll want to outline an area with shrubs.


    • Visual variety. Shrubs normally don't exceed 15' in height. You can vary the heights of trees and shrubs, leaf color, the widths, and pruning methods to get the shapes and look you want.


    • Wildlife cover and food. Many shrubs provide homes and food for a variety of animals. If you don't want deer munching on your shrubs, plant deer resistant varieties like crimson pigmy barberry, Japanese barberry, Chinese juniper, or lilac, provided all other factors accommodate your overall plan.

Any tree care program promotes both tree and shrub health, the best deterrent to harmful insects and disease.

Now would be a great time to create your master plan, take advantage of shrub and tree sales, and increase your property's curb appeal. Contact the arborists at Maier Tree & Lawn to find out what the optimal tree care program should be for you in Rochester and Winona, Minnesota.

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