Posted: December 20, 2012

What can be dangerous about pruning a tree? Improvement stores sell every type of cutting tool available, the branches you would like to cut don't look too big and can't possibly be very heavy, and you only need to climb three or four rungs on your step ladder to reach them. Piece of cake and what could possibly go wrong, right? To be honest, a lot! It may look easy, but homeowners rarely consider the potential dangers this seemingly simple chore can hide. Cutting a branch requires a sharp tool. Working with sharp tools that may be motorized is, in itself, inherently dangerous. Using a ladder for any purpose contains risk. Standing on a ladder wielding a sharp tool in one hand, while trying to maintain your balance with the other, is an invitation to disaster. It is sad to say that every year people in our state die trying to do just that. Maier Forest and Tree employs a staff of trained, certified and skilled professionals who understand the how's and why's of tree cutting and proper techniques. Maier has invested in the safest, most efficient, state-of-the-art tools to perform the cutting and pruning your trees require. From modern boom trucks that safely lift skilled arborist to specialized riggings that securely control and lower heavy limbs, Maier has the staff and equipment required to perform any tree work you may need. Sure, you can save a few bucks up-front by pruning your own trees, but at what potential cost to your safety? Also, an improperly pruned tree can develop infection or structural weakness which will become a much larger and costlier problem as time passes. Consulting with a certified arborist and having the work skillfully and correctly performed by trained and experienced professionals can save you money, and possibly your life. Give us a call, and let us safely do the dangerous work for you.

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