Posted: October 25, 2021

Trees can withstand many of the hazards posed by Mother Nature without batting her metaphorical eye, but sometimes the wrong combination of force and pressure is enough to do some real storm damage. For Winona, MN, residents, the experts at Maier Tree and Lawn can evaluate your trees and help you decide what steps to take to preserve and/or maintain them.

Major storm damage may manifest in the forms of broken limbs, gouged or cracked trunks, uprooting, or even burns. While any of these injuries pose clear threats to the tree itself, they can also create hazards that make it unsafe to approach the tree or can create the risk of further damage to your home or your property. Falling branches and toppling trees can be unexpected and extremely dangerous. If, following a storm, a tree on your property is leaning precariously or appears to have branches jutting out on unnatural angles, you should request a tree consultation that provides a complete evaluation without risking your safety.

Depending on the extent of the storm damage, you may feel compelled to write off the tree as a lost cause entirely. However, unless the tree has been completely demolished by the storm, a professional tree consultation can help you determine the best course of action for you and your tree. During a tree consultation, our experts review the integrity of the tree as well as judge whether or not the damage is irrevocable. In some cases, even serious surface tree damage can be treated.

Trees that have sustained storm damage can be dealt with in several productive ways, but the key is to ensure that they’re handled safely by a professional. If the tree is, in fact, incapable of recovering, during the course of a tree consultation our experts can help direct you through a safe and complete tree removal. Regardless of the course of action you choose, the professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn can help guide you through each step.

If any of your Winona, MN, area trees have sustained serious storm damage, Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Contact us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here to schedule a tree consultation or receive additional information on our tree support services.

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