Posted: July 08, 2016

It's summer. The weather is fair, you have an afternoon free, and you're caught up on all of your household chores (picture an ideal world for this one). That old tree on the corner of your Winona, MN, property has been looking a little haggard recently and you've just re-discovered your tree pruning tools…so what's a tree owner to do? The tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn stress the importance of proper tree pruning, and with a little guidance, that hazy summer afternoon can be transformed into an impressive model of proactive tree care. Take that, household chores!

First and foremost, effective tree pruning needs a battle plan. You have to know which areas you're going to attack and where it's best to retreat and maybe return another day. If you're interested in doing something a little more precise than snipping any old branch that happens to stick out a little funny, check out this little guide on tree pruning basics and get cutting.

When you're making your battle plan, take into account the levels of the tree crown that really need attention. For instance, if the tree is bottom heavy or bumping into cars and low parts of your property, focus your attention on lifting the crown of the tree little by little. Moderation is key as too much snipping can cause stress and lasting damage. Think of it like trimming your fingernails versus amputating your arm. You want maintenance here, not major surgery.

The same goes for top heavy trees. If you snip some selected branches, make sure you're leaving more behind with significant foliage. Your trees need those leaves to produce their food. Not enough leaves equal not enough reserves, and that's not a good deal for anyone.

Finally, snip with caution and snip with conviction. These may seem like contradictory statements, but it's vital to think before you cut, and when you do cut, to follow through to complete the job correctly.

Tree care can be very time consuming, so if you don't have the time to analyze diagrams of branch patterns and cater to the various levels of tree pruning, then you, along with all Winona, MN, residents can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at 507.454.7000 or visit their website here.

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