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Protect Your Trees Against Major Storm Damage in Winona, MN

August 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

Trees are some of the most robust residents of Winona, MN. Very little can surpass the sheer longevity of healthy adult trees, and this is true even when taking those harsh, icy winters into account. But, tragically, sturdiness doesn’t equal invincibility. In the face of wild winds and extreme downpours, even the toughest tree can sustain significant storm damage. The tree care professionals of Maier Tree and Lawn encourage all tree owners to be especially vigilant after a storm because major damage can be bad news for trees and tree owners alike.

Major signs of storm damage are, generally, going to be very obvious. If you wake up to your elm inside of your reading study, you likely have a major issue. But, thanks to the natural structure of trees, sometimes even major damage won’t stand out. A canopy of branches and leaves can mask damage such as cracked branches or disconnected sections. If grown close together, an uprooted trunk can be camouflaged by its neighbors. And thanks to their height, a branch hanging treacherously may be outside your view during your tree care routine.

Each of these aspects of storm damage can vary widely from a nuisance to a serious danger. Dangling branches can become dislodged and fall onto your or a neighbor’s property. In a worst-case scenario, such a branch could even strike a person. Similarly, a disconnected branch left unattended could interact with a power line which could lead to fire or widespread power outages. For county folk living off well water, this could mean no access to water for hours or even days.

There’s plenty to be concerned about after a major storm in Winona, MN, but don’t let your trees escape your scrutiny. In the event that you encounter damage during your routine tree care or have concerns about the safety of your trees, contact the storm damage specialists of Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for more information.

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