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Winter Tips for New Tree Owners in Winona, MN

October 6th, 2016 · No Comments

With fall rolling in over the last several weeks, winter is just around the corner in Winona, MN. Though the winter last year wasn’t as brutal as it could have been, that doesn’t mean the northern states aren’t in for a doozy this time around, and that includes their trees as well. Trees are able to withstand extreme weather (if not, the Winona bluffs would be looking a lot sparser these days), but for those new to tree care, watching your beloved little stems getting pummeled by sleet and snow isn’t exactly a fun way to spend a season. Here are a few Maier Tree and Lawn recommended methods for preparing your trees for the wintery madness.

Winter tree care isn’t terribly different from the rest of the year. Trees are perfectly prepared for extended periods of dormancy so all that leaf-loss isn’t at all a detriment to their systems. However, as their tree care advocates, there are still plenty of things you can do to aid them in the long run. For instance, many tree consulting services recommend performing winter maintenance on your trees such as pruning, examinations, and even fertilizing before ground freeze.

Because of the nature of trees, winter is probably the best time to really get a look at them. The lack of foliage allows you to get up close and personal to the branches and trunk in a way that you often can’t in other seasons. They might not be as pretty around this time, but they’re certainly showing weak branch unions their weaknesses (if there are any.) If there are any discolored patches, dead branches, buggy-nests, or other signs of damage, they’ll likely be much easier to spot. Relying on a tree consulting service in the winter is a great way to ensure your trees will be a little sturdier come spring.

Don’t be afraid to schedule some trimming (while the shape of the tree is especially obvious) and do an overall checkup as soon as those leaves are done falling. Tree care isn’t necessarily an everyday affair, but nipping problems in the bud is much easier if the tree is effectively sleeping. Winona, MN, residents interested in a tree consulting service can contact the tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn. They can be reached by phone at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting their website here for more information.


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