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Maier Tree & Lawn is the expert in promoting tree health, including proper preventative maintenance and fertilization. We have extensive knowledge about insects and diseases that can affect trees and shrubs. We focus on plant health as a means of fighting off the problems rather than just treatment remedies.

At Maier Tree & Lawn, our fertilization program addresses the source of potential problems with your trees and shrubs. The two greatest stresses on urban trees are soil compaction and water stress. Normal fertilizer can actually intensify these problems, but our root care program will solve the problems.

Urban soils are often compacted. This makes it difficult for water and oxygen to get to the tree root zone (3”-18” deep). When roots don’t have room to grow, trees and shrubs miss opportunities to absorb water and nutrients. They become drought stressed and under-nourished and are susceptible to many other secondary problems.

The Fertilization Program

Our fertilization program adds several important ingredients to the soil to help combat soil compaction and water stress. By making sure the tree can access the nutrients it needs, we ensure that your entire lawn’s ecosystem will stay healthy and efficient.

Davey's advanced tree fertilization
Davey Arbor Green PRO® is the most significant advancement in tree fertilization since the original Arbor Green® was patented in 1978. Comprising the highest-quality nutrients, including synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with polyamino acids, Davey Arbor Green PRO is formulated in just the right ratio to maximize the nutrient's effect. Davey Arbor Green PRO offers more value per dollar than any other complete formulation on the market.

Why Davey Arbor Green PRO®?
As a complete tree fertilizer, Davey Arbor Green PRO contains high-quality nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium formulated from ureaform and monopotassium phosphate, plus polyamino acid.

Davey Arbor Green PRO releases high-quality nutrients, including synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with polyamino acids throughout the growing season. A slower, controlled release rate leads to uniform growth, a lower risk of leaching and greater efficiency of nutrient absorption.

Scientists at The Davey Institute developed Davey Arbor Green PRO to maximize nutrients' effects on plants and keep trees and shrubs healthier. The technology of Davey Arbor Green PRO is intended to mimic the natural availability of nutrients in the forest environment. Davey Arbor Green PRO's low salt index allows the most sensitive trees, such as those that are drought-stressed or recently transplanted to be fertilized.

Products like Davey Arbor Green PRO are examples of the next-generation tools being developed by Davey to serve municipalities, parks, businesses and homeowners in nurturing and protecting their trees and landscape as well as enhancing the value of their properties and the overall health of their communities.

We physically and chemically amend the soil to make it better suited for Mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial soil organisms. Mycorrhizae increase a plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and helps de-compact soils by clumping soil particles. It also banks slow release nutrients into the soil. These substances have been shown to enhance the effectiveness of tree roots in their ability to absorb water and nutrients.

Our strategy for improving root development comes through our soil injection method of applying fertilizer. We don’t just inject fertilizer near the trunk of your tree. Rather we inject fertilizer throughout the root zone under the canopy of the tree. This allows the maximum effect on the health and growth of your tree’s roots.

Insects: Insects often feed on stressed trees and can be the final blow in some cases. Birch, oak, and ash trees can become victims of borers; Pines, spruces of beetles and moths; shrubs and ornamental trees of sucking insects. Proper nutrition and water is the key to prevention. The arborist at Maier Tree and Lawn can help keep your trees healthy and insect free.

Diseases: Diseases are often quick killers, especially in elms and oaks. Knowing how to prevent them is the best treatment. The arborists at Maier Tree and Lawn are experts in knowing how to keep your tree healthy.

For more questions on the fertilization program, contact Maier Tree & Lawn today. We’re ready to provide you the best root and tree care services in Rochester, Winona, and throughout Southeast, MN.

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