Lawn care services rochester and winona mn

Lawn Care Services in Rochester, MN

Maier Tree & Lawn also provides lawn care services in Winona, MN and throughout southeast Minnesota.

At Maier Tree & Lawn, we recognize that your lawn is part of a complex ecosystem, therefore, it is crucial to keep this system in mind before conducting lawn care services and beginning lawn maintenance in the Rochester and Winona areas. Maier’s approach to lawn care considers all things green and growing. We make recommendations and perform services that, through science and practice, are proven to improve the soil where all roots grow.

The following services are offered individually or as part of our annual lawn care packages:

Organic-based fertilizer or standard fertilizer
Organic fertilizer is the treatment closest to nature. By using natural ingredients, organic fertilizer helps build the soil so that it can later feed plants more efficiently. An organic fertilizer is an excellent choice to ensure that your lawn’s ecosystem returns to a healthy, balanced state and works well whether the soil is sandy or the grass is sparse. Standard fertilizer works quickly to feed the plant for a fast green up of your lawn. Made mostly of molecules like urea, ammonium sulfate, and others, standard fertilizer is water soluble and the nutrients therefore released with water.

Core aeration, the most common type of aeration, pulls plugs of soil from your lawn. The extra space helps alleviate soil compaction, which promotes root growth and helps break down the top thatch layer over the soil. It also increases water penetration and oxygen to the root zone.

Seeding is a process that goes hand-in-hand with aeration. By seeding immediately after aeration, new grass can cultivate more easily. You’ll see thicker, lusher grass in your lawn faster than seeding alone can provide.

Weed Control
Broad leaf weed control (cover or spot spray) and Pre- and Post-emergent crabgrass control
With proper lawn care service, weeds can be greatly reduced in your yard. Weeds have a hard time surviving in the healthy, dense turf. Added over time, with proper aeration, seeding, and fertilization programs, weeds can be almost eradicated from your yard.

Soil Testing & Lawn Analysis
Soil testing and complete lawn analysis are key in the design of your lawn care program. Used together, they provide a roadmap for caring for your lawn. At Maier Tree & Lawn, we offer comprehensive soil testing which includes testing for various site conditions, expert analysis, and professional recommendations.

Fungus Control
Turf diseases can develop on your lawn throughout the year. Most are a result of cultural practices within the specific conditions of your yard. Many turf diseases can be treated with fungicide, and/or mechanical practices.

Insect Control
Pesky grubs and bug can cause lots of issues in a lawn. Our insecticide and grub control is meant to prevent or stop damage to your lawn before it goes any further.

At Maier Tree & Lawn, we take pride in our expert knowledge of urban ecosystems including trees, shrubs, and lawns. Our staff includes licensed pesticide applicators, certified arborists, horticulturalists, and foresters trained in plant/soil relations. Through proper nutrition, the right seed, green practices, and education, Maier Tree & Lawn can help create the right conditions for optimum growth of your Winona or Rochester lawn.

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