Forestry Services in Rochester and Winona MN

Forestry Services in Winona and Rochester, MN

While arboriculture is the art and science of caring for individual trees, Forestry is the art and science of caring for groups of trees, or forests. Forestry takes into account the whole ecosystem, the relationship between plants, animals, fungi, water and people. Urban Forestry looks at this relationship in the city, town or other developed setting.


An urban forest is simply a forest in an urban area. Like a natural forest there is a functioning ecosystem present that includes things like soil, trees and wildlife. However in this ecosystem, people and buildings with all the associated byproducts are key players.

In this ecosystem trees function to shade buildings and streets, which reduce energy costs. They also help clean the air, which makes our bodies healthier. They add beauty and character to otherwise ordinary buildings and streets. Trees provide numerous benefits to our communities. These benefits add up to dollars, both in savings and added value.

Unfortunately many communities do not have the luxury of a staff forester. It is still vital that good forestry decisions are made so the community remains safe, beautiful and sustainable. Maier Tree & Lawn can help in several ways. As a consultant, we can first assist in developing a forest management plan. This would involve a tree inventory and a tree risk assessment as listed below. We can also develop specifications and/or administer contracts for planting, pruning or removal of trees, education and staff training, and involvement in community forestry awareness programs such as Arbor Day.

Tree Risk Management Programs

Where trees and people coexist, trees must be monitored closely. Their towering form can become the very thing that ruins property or injures people. Communities need to know which trees are more likely to fail or cause other problems. Balancing the goals of public safety with a healthy urban forest is extremely complex and should only be done by a trained Forester. A Tree Risk Management program should be incorporated into every phase of a community's forestry program; from planning to planting to pruning to removal.

Tree Inventory

The first step involved in managing is to find out what you have. For a community forest, this is done through a tree inventory. At a very minimum, this inventory tells the number, species, size and condition of your trees. Maier Tree & Lawn can perform this inventory on a software that is compatible with other city planning software. This information can be used in planning and/or in the daily operations of tree and landscape crews.

Disease Management

is important in making the forest sustainable. If left unmanaged, diseases can devastate a community forest. This was very evident in the 70's and 80's with the rapid spread of Dutch Elm Disease. Those communities that had management programs still have beautiful elms left today on the boulevards and in the parks. What we don't know is what disease will be next. Like inventory and risk management, disease management needs to be incorporated into the planting and maintenance programs.

ALERT: Click here for important Emerald Ash Borer information!

Tree Preservation during Construction

As a community grows, there is inevitably construction around trees. A plan needs to be in place to protect those trees, both on the boulevards and in forest developments. If there is no plan, trees will be lost and many dollars will needlessly be thrown away removing trees that could survive if a preservation plan is in place.

Native Area Management

Native areas are becoming more and more popular. We are realizing the value of these ecosystems, but also as budgets tighten, we need areas that require less intensive maintenance. Whether prairie, savannah, forest or wetland, we can assist in planning, developing, restoring and/or maintaining these areas.

Small Woodland Management

Managing small woodlands is a unique urban service that taps into our traditional forestry expertise. We first take the goals that you have for your forest and we develop a plan based on sound forestry practices. We are then able to implement that plan in whatever way is necessary. Whether your goal is wildlife habitat, aesthetic beauty or even fuelwood production, we can make it happen.

For more information call our office at 507-286-8733 to talk to one of our Certified Arborists.

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