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The Maier Difference in Rochester, MN Lawn Care

Maier Tree & Lawn | Lawn care service packages in Rochester, MN, Winona, MN and the surrounding area

Any company can claim that they will get you the lawn care results you desire, but none are as thorough and dedicated as the employees of Maier Tree & Lawn in Rochester, MN. Our earth-friendly science and expertise mean that we have solutions for your lawn’s health that provide proven results. We offer both quality and value in all of our services so you can rest assured that your lawn is in the best hands. Our team of expert staff has the knowledge to understand your soil and turf and can guide you to a healthy, full and beautiful lawn.

Beginning with fertilization, we ensure that your lawn will build the soil it needs to improve the growing conditions for the grass plant. Our fertilizer ensures that your plants get the nitrogen they need in two ways: either with water insoluble nitrogen, which releases slowly to be available when the plants need it, or with water soluble nitrogen, which is immediately released for plants to quickly take up. With this blended fertilizer solution, you will see immediate results that are sustained.

With Maier Tree & Lawn’s aeration and over-seeding process, we can further enhance your yard. Aeration will lead to soil improvement through increased oxygen to the soil and reduced thatch. Over-seeding these areas that are now able to thrive will ensure any patchy areas of your lawn are soon covered by lush, thick grass.

When you have a full stand of healthy grass, weeds have a harder time growing. For those stubborn weeds that still cause problems in your landscape, we offer broadleaf weed control. We strive to use the least amount of herbicide to effectively control your weeds. And we will only use products that are safe for people and trees.

But there are only a few tasks left for you, the homeowner. With quality mowing and watering, you can help optimize the appearance and performance of your lawn. Maier Tree & Lawn will leave you with plenty of tips to carry out these practices efficiently.

Maier Tree & Lawn cares for your lawn, with all its unique quirks. Whether you’re located in Rochester, Winona, Red Wing, Byron, or anywhere in-between, we have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to cater a plan to your specific needs. Call us today to experience the quality and value of lawn care services from Maier Tree & Lawn.

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