Tree consulting in Rochester and Winona MN

Tree Consulting Services in Winona and Rochester, MN

Maier Tree & Lawn | Professional advice about tree care services in Rochester, MN and surrounding areas

The arborists at Maier Tree & Lawn have extensive knowledge about trees and shrubs in Southeast Minnesota and the various things that can affect their health, beauty, function and safety. Opinions are a dime a dozen, but accurate, expert advice is worth its weight in gold. With this kind of advice on your trees and lawn, we can accomplish your goals.

Here are some of the tree consulting services that we offer in the Rochester and Winona areas:

General Tree Care Advice - Proper planting and tree care is essential for the long-term health and beauty of your landscape. Questions like, "What tree should I plant here?", "Should I water my mature tree?", "How can I protect my tree from deer?" and "How should I treat a wound on the trunk of my young tree?" can be answered so that you can continue to care for your trees with certainty that you are doing the right thing.

Insect and Disease Diagnosis - Misdiagnosis of pest problems will lead to ineffective results and higher expenses in the long-run. The consulting arborists at Maier Tree & Lawn are trained and educated to make proper diagnosis with treatment recommendations that keep your trees, shrubs and lawn healthy and beautiful.

Tree Preservation Plans - Good planning during the building process can add decades of longevity to the trees on your property while poor planning will decrease tree life and often lead to unsafe situations. Involving us from the start of any project is vital for protecting the health and safety of your property’s trees. We can create a plan that will protect your trees, yet also be manageable for the builder during the construction process.

Tree Value Appraisals - The beauty and function of a tree can add significant value to your property. An appraisal of this value may be needed in the case of accidental tree damage, tree removal in new utility easements, and for establishing a value for the sale of land. Our consulting arborists will consider the species, location and condition of the tree or shrub to determine an accurate value.

Hazard Tree Evaluations - A hazard tree evaluation could be very important to protect your family and property. While large deadwood and broken branches can pose a significant threat to your home, even more important are the subtle signs that indicate interior decay that threaten the health and safety of your family and home. These signs take good diagnostic tools and professionals with years of experience to catch. This information is absolutely essential to guarantee the safety of your home.

Contact us at Maier Tree & Lawn in Rochester, MN today to get started on your consultation.

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