Posted: December 14, 2022

Why Woodland Management Matters:

Maier Tree and Lawn provides in-depth tree care services to individual trees, small groves, and sprawling forest properties around Winona, MN. While many trees can be fairly self-sufficient when left to their own devices, on occasion, certain steps must be taken in order for trees to support the overarching goals of the property owner. Our woodland management team can help you strategize and organize to ensure that your property thrives in the local ecosystem and satisfies your personal woodland objectives.

What Maier Tree and Lawn offers:

Goal planning services

Woodland management needs vary widely from person to person and property to property. Where a small business may seek support in making their trees navigable and attractive, a personal property could be aiming for native species support and sapling growth. Our tree care professionals can help you develop goals and create step-by-step, personalized achievement plans.

Comprehensive Tree Care

Tree care and health is a major priority for Maier Tree and Lawn’s arborists. For new and old growths alike, we can provide species-specific care and ensure that all of the trees on your property have the space, nutrients, and attention required for them to flourish.

Pest & disease Management

Small woodland areas are susceptible to fast-spreading tree disease or pests as they often share space on relatively dense property. Our woodland management teams can help diagnose and treat damaged trees or create mitigation plans to prevent contagious conditions from spreading.

Beautification As Part Of Woodland Management

And sometimes effective woodland management is simply about maximizing the aesthetic power of the local trees. This may involve pruning trees to promote a cohesive image or making a planting plan so incoming saplings will grow in a visually attractive way.

Regardless of your individual properties’ needs, Maier Tree and Lawn can help. The tree care experts near Winona, MN, offer woodland management tools and consultations to ensure long lives and good health for your trees. Contact our tree care experts today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here to learn more.

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