Posted: November 22, 2020

Understanding how an ecosystem functions is an essential first step in the world of forestry services. A single tree can compromise the health and integrity of the entire system, and without careful attention, even a flourishing ecosystem can suffer from improper forestry management.


Forestry services can be applied to a wide variety of locations and needs including large-scale forests and small-scale urban projects. For Winona, MN residents, business owners, and city planners, Maier Tree and Lawn is proud to offer forestry services that are suitable for every occasion and location. 


Large Ecosystem Tree Care


Managing the many moving “parts” that make up a large forest ecosystem can be a challenge. This is especially true for cities and property managers who don’t have the budget or resources to support a large forestry services department. It’s important to remember that even if large ecosystems appear to be doing fine without intervention, there are some steps that should be taken to ensure longevity and safe growth. Our forestry services for large ecosystems include disease and inventory management, risk assessments, and on-site tree care such as pruning or planting.


Small Ecosystem Tree Care


Small forests and tree-heavy ecosystems often need just as much specialized tree care as larger environments. In fact, native areas such as wetlands and prairies generally need a special touch in order to preserve the health of local trees as well as other flora and fauna. Restoring and maintaining small native landscapes can be expensive or delicate. Leaving these areas in the hands of certified arborists and tree care professionals can help preserve the land and allow it to flourish unimpeded.


Specialty Urban Tree Care


Tree preservation for construction sites, city trees, and trees on public property such as parks and city buildings all need a certain kind of care. Unlike forests or native lands, urban trees have to be cared for in a manner that makes their presence unobtrusive and safe. This means strict disease control, environment-aware pruning, aesthetic sculpting, and beyond. If you’re looking to keep trees and residents safe within city limits, Maier Tree and Lawn has the urban forestry services and resources you need.


If you’re looking for tree care support for public property near Winona, MN or are in need of specialized or large-scale tree care, Maier Tree and Lawn has the tools and knowledge required to lend their support. For more information on our forestry services, call us today at (507) 454-7000, or contact us online for additional details.

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