Posted: November 01, 2018

Trees are a beautiful addition to pretty much every type of Rochester, MN property. They can be elegant or grand, provide color and pop to dull yards, and they're generally very, very long-lasting. Tree stumps, however, are a totally different story. Having a stump in your yard can be a real pain in the neck, and knowing how to deal with stump removal, or judging if it's really necessary, can be a difficult decision for homeowners. Leaving a tree stump in place can lead to additional problems later on that the tree stump removal experts at Maier Tree and Lawn would like to help you avoid.

Removing a tree stump might become a necessity during the course of updating or renovating your yard to maintain the aesthetics or health of your yard. If the stump is diseased, infested, or in danger of interfering with something beneath the surface, tree stump removal might be the healthiest choice for other plants or trees that reside in your yard. Our professionals can evaluate the risk factors and provide the most effective stump removal method possible for your situation.

Stump removal is a task that seems simple on the surface but can hide complications just beneath the soil. Not only are there multiple methods of tree stump removal, but depending upon the location of the stump, it may be interfering with power lines, public roads, or perhaps even the foundation of your home. Rather than risking expensive or frustrating damage from an unmanageable stump or a botched tree stump removal, rely on tree stump removal professionals to dispose of the stump as necessary.

Tree stump removal can be tricky, but a little expertise can simplify and expedite the process. For assistance with stump removal on your Rochester, MN property, call Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000 or visit us here for additional information.

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