Posted: June 07, 2017

For any layperson in Rochester, MN, preparing your property for construction is an unwieldy task. Putting the days of physical preparation aside, just navigating all the red tape alone is enough to make any native Minnesotan consider migrating to the North woods for good. And that's even before trees are entered into the mix. How do trees complicate property management and construction?  As the tree care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn know, creating your tree preservation plans prior to construction is just as important as any of the actual building.

Regardless of your personal opinions on trees, they're undeniably valuable. Not only on an individual level, but on a societal level as well. Beyond providing us with oxygen and aesthetics, they're also worth a significant amount of money when healthy and fully grown. Plus, with proper tree care, they also do a lot of landscaping work organically, such as aiding in storm water run-off and providing natural shade. When it comes to long-term property value, healthy trees are more often than not a home-run.

As such, in order to keep construction crews from taking an axe to your beloved boughs, it's wise to have a plan in place before the crew even arrives. Basically, tree preservation plans just set the boundaries so the proper, healthy trees are left untouched regardless of the work going on around them. Of course, you could just ask nicely, but having an official tree preservation plan will ensure your trees escape snip-free.

Tree preservation plans also do more than just keep your tree untouched from the trunk up - they protect every part of the tree from root to tip. Once damage has been done to a tree, even with emergency tree care, it often can't be undone. Requesting a tree preservation plan before the shovels hit the soil can save you time, money, and grief.

If you're in the Rochester, MN, area and are interested in a tree preservation plan for your property, contact the tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn today by calling (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website for more information.

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