Posted: March 18, 2016

Searching for “tree removal gone wrong” on YouTube is a one way ticket to anxiety.  Watching family after family deal with crushed cars, downed power lines, shattered windows, and caved-in roofs is a great way to never want to remove, let alone walk under, a tree again. So to keep you from yanking down trees on your own, here are three reasons why Winona, MN residents should consult tree removal specialists like those at Maier Tree and Lawn instead of striking out alone in proper YouTube fashion, only for things to go terribly wrong terribly quickly.

Reason #1:

Improper tree removal often brings with it a significant amount of what can be called “landscape collateral.” This term can refer to any of the horrors listed above and to smaller annoyances such as littered branches and stubborn stumps. A fallen tree, even if it misses your house, can crush other plants, rot away into your grass, or even take down other trees as it tumbles. Landscape collateral can be incredibly dangerous or just frustrating to clean up, but either way it's a good idea to avoid it altogether.

Reason #2:

Putting aside how dangerous amateur tree removal is in general, improperly taking a tree out of the ground can also cause problems for your lawn as a whole. Your lawn is a cohesive, functioning ecosystem and causing damage in one part of it can cause damage to the whole thing. For instance, driving over the grass to pull a tree down could tear up half the lawn before the winch is even in place.

Or say you successfully pull down a rotted tree and navigate around the flowerbed, but you don't have the right tool to get the stump completely removed. Now there's just a rotting hunk of wood lurking on and beneath the surface of your lawn. Lawn care can already be a big job, but a botched tree removal adds new layers of difficulty to the task.

 Reason #3:

And finally, the most important reason why you should always invest in a professional tree removal team: improper tree removal hurt you. Even if the whole tree doesn't come toppling over, that doesn't mean the branches won't, and depending on the size of the tree, a good bonk from a branch could be simply embarrassing . . . or it could be deadly. Lawn care requires an available caretaker and if you're laid up because a tree fell the wrong direction (and onto your leg), your landscape will suffer too.

Residents in the Winona, MN area can contact Maier Tree and Lawn at 507.454.7000 or visit their website here. Stay safe and call for professional tree removal help today.

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