Posted: February 11, 2013

We've reached that point in winter - it's been about two months since you put the last of your lawn and garden tools away for the winter, and in about two months you could be dragging them back out to begin spring clean-up. After the rain we received in mid-January, and how it exposed so many lawns and grassy areas, you may have found yourself thinking "Hmmm...what should I do with the lawn this year?"

To complement our exceptional tree services, we have added a comprehensive selection of lawn services and annual lawn care programs to help you achieve the best lawn possible. Taking care of your lawn goes much further than spreading a bit of fertilizer and spraying for dandelions and other nuisance weeds. Maier Tree & Lawn employs a staff of licensed pesticide applicators, along with horticulturalists and foresters, all trained and prepared to help your urban ecosystem live in harmony and good health.

While the big box stores will gladly sell you gallons of this or bags of that to spray or spread on your lawn to feed and weed, do you have any idea what that stuff is doing to the other plants, shrubs and trees you have in your yard? Don't feel bad if you haven't a clue, without a PhD in chemistry to understand the label, you have to take their word that the product is "safe," even though they have no idea what your yard may need for proper nourishment or balance.

With our 5 or 6 step Organic Based Programs, Maier Tree & Lawn can safely supply your yard with the care and protection it needs throughout the spring, summer and fall months. Before we apply anything to your yard, we perform a lawn analysis and soil test so we know exactly what your lawn requires for proper nutrition, weed protection and balance. There's so much more we can do for your lawn, so please, check out the many services and packages we offer!

Customers who lock in to our 5 or 6 step program by March 1st, 2013, will receive a 3% discount on their lawn care package price. So, thinking green during winter's white isn't a bad thing at all. We're at the halfway mark of winter and spring will be here soon. Take a look at our offerings and programs, and be prepared to begin your spring chores knowing Maier Tree & Lawn will provide your entire yard, from turf to tree top, with the best products, services and protection available!

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