Posted: June 13, 2016

Summer is just around the corner in Rochester, MN, which means that we’re about to reach the most active time of the year for yard work. Lawns are being mowed, weeds are being pulled, and major landscape changes are quickly being planned before the weather changes. For some, this could mean installing a new fence or contacting the lawn care specialists at Maier Tree and Lawn about fertilizing or seeding the backyard. And for others, now may be the perfect time to get rid of that pesky tree stump. Unlike seeding and fence installations, tree stump removals can be deceptively hazardous. If you’re looking to do a little hands-on work this summer, here's how to avoid some common tree stump removal mistakes.

Tree stump removals can range from simple to tricky, and in general it's best to consult with a professional before attempting a removal on your own. However, that doesn't stop home owners from trying it on their own every year. If the stump is small and can just be pulled out singlehandedly, that's one thing, but when bigger tools come into play… that's when the trouble starts.

Stump removals can be done in a variety of ways, but many people opt for brute force. Strapping a rope to the tree stump and trying to pull it out with a truck is a popular choice. This stump removal technique can be effective, but if done improperly it can result in catastrophic lawn or vehicle damage, and even personal injury. Tree stump removals aren't like pulling a Band-Aid off; depending on the situation, they may require some finesse that a pick-up truck just doesn't have.

Another popular choice is burning out a tree stump. This could also result in serious mayhem for your lawn, your neighbors, or yourself.

And finally, chainsaws are also a common choice for do-it-yourself tree stump removal. Not much needs to be said about why chainsaws are incredibly dangerous if misused, but generally speaking if you're not already an expert with the tool, then trying it for the first time on a tree stump is likely not going to be a fun first experience. Unless a chainsaw is already in your daily arsenal, just set it aside and get in touch with the experts at Maier Tree and Lawn instead.

Rochester, MN residents inquiring about tree stump removals can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at 507. 286.8733 or visit their website here for more information. Act quickly, because as we all know, summers in Minnesota are as fleeting as they are humid.

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