Posted: March 13, 2020

It can be easy to feel complacent about your trees just after the snow begins to melt in Winona, MN. As residents ease their way into pleasant spring weather, it’s hard to picture that tree insects are really going to cause trouble so soon after the ice fades.

The fact of the matter is, however, that some tree insects are impressively efficient at gaining ground on your trees before you’ve even realized that spring has come. Maier Tree and Lawn offer comprehensive tree insect control so you can take a breather and appreciate all that the spring thaw has to offer.

Worms, mites, beetles, and all sorts of insects can make their way to your trees all too quickly in the early weeks of spring, and it can be hard to spot their handiwork when your trees are busy just trying to leaf out again. Most of Minnesota native pests are even able to survive winter temperatures. These tree insects may be laying eggs, hatching, or even beginning to munch away at the vulnerable parts of your trees.

Some signs that a spring tree insect has made its way into your tree includes browning leaves, unusual spots, unsightly webs and nests, and more. Depending upon the type of tree you have you may find yourself encountering eggs, chewed foliage, or even visible bugs. And, if you can spot tree insects on the surface, there’s a good chance there’s damage beneath as well.

Expert tree insect control includes several steps of pest management that can ensure a long, happy life for your trees. Trained arborists will evaluate the threat, the type of damage that has already been caused, and determine a carefully catered course of action for your individual needs. This may include pesticide application or other types of tree insect deterrent. Our certified arborists can help your trees recover and thrive regardless of the time of year.

Tree insect control can ensure that these pests, and others, leave your trees to their own business. If your Winona, MN, area trees are showing signs of being pestered by tree insects, call Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000, or contact us on our website for more information. 

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