Posted: July 09, 2019

Oak wilt is a fungal tree disease that’s notorious in over 20 states in the U.S., including Minnesota. It's fast moving, deadly, and can rapidly spread between oaks which makes it a frustrating opponent for oak owners. Once oak wilt appears, requesting Maier Tree and Lawn's professional tree disease control services is essential to prevent it from spreading further. Rochester, MN, residents who are concerned that their oak trees have contracted oak wilt should watch for telling symptoms and be prepared to quickly request professional intervention as soon as possible.

The symptoms of oak wilt vary from species to species, but as the name indicates, wilting is a common sign of trouble. Specifically, rapid wilting starting from the top of the tree and moving steadily downward. Wilt is also accompanied by discoloration of leaves and bark and significant leaf death. For red oaks, this process is often swift and brutal. For white oaks, it may appear more gradual. Knowing what type of tree you're dealing with can make oak wilt much simpler to identify.

Identifying oak wilt can also be difficult as some of the symptoms are similar to other common tree afflictions. For novice arborists, the signs can be mistaken for bur oak blight, certain borer infestations, or other types of common fungi. Depending upon how intense the summer heat is some may also mistake the wilting for dehydration or sun damage. The identification of oak wilt matters because treatment is only possible when tree disease control experts know what they're treating.

Unfortunately, tree disease control is a process that isn't always a find-it and fix-it situation. Tree diseases can spread quickly and be hard to identify without a trained eye, and sometimes the disease moves so quickly that containment becomes more vital than recovery. If your oaks are too sick to save, tree disease control professionals will instead be able to focus on preserving all of the other trees on your property. This process entails separating the root system of the affected tree from others nearby.

Thanks to the efforts of tree disease control experts, oak wilt isn't always a death sentence for your trees. If you notice signs of oak wilt on your Rochester, MN, property, contact Maier Tree and Lawn for information on how to proceed at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website for additional information.

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