Posted: August 13, 2022

Over the course of their long lives, trees can experience everything from pest infestations to storm damage and beyond. And growing in Minnesota means that they’ll also be exposed to harsh elements and just about every extreme that nature can produce. For Rochester, MN, tree owners, the challenging growing conditions may mean having to decide whether or not your tree can be saved after a weather event or infestation. Following tree damage, Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree care professionals can help you evaluate and treat trees on your property. With the right application of care and expert knowledge, even damaged trees can recover.

Physical Damage

For physical tree damage, such as broken branches or trunks from storms or other direct trauma, treatment is generally hands-on. Tree care professionals may prune the damaged areas and introduce external supports such as cabling or braces to weak or vulnerable sections of the tree. Even if a tree was hit hard in a storm, it’s important to request an assessment prior to taking major action such as removal. In many cases, physical damage can be addressed with the right combination of structural support and precise care.

Fungal, Disease, Or Pest-Related Damage

Trees that are recovering from a pest infestation, illness, or fungus may need a special touch in order to begin their road to recovery. Fungicides, insecticides, and soil treatments can all contribute to tree recovery in cases of external infection. In some situations, such as contagious tree diseases, special steps may need to be taken in order to prevent the spread of the tree damage.

Tree Care A Complex Process

Regardless of the cause of the damage, tree care can be a complex process. Depending on the type of damage in question, it may require multiple treatments and follow-ups to ensure that the trajectory of recovery is sustainable and consistent. But in many cases, these steps are worth it. It’s important to ensure that the treatment being carried out is done by a tree care professional as improper care methods can lead to additional damage that may slow the recovery process. Improper tree care may include steps such as aggressive or imprecise pruning, harsh chemical application, or faulty cabling. Relying on a tree care professional can limit the chances of additional damage as well as help expedite the tree’s recovery process.

If your tree needs treatment following damage, the professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Rochester, MN, residents can reach out today at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website here for more information on tree care and professional tree treatments.

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