Posted: February 28, 2022

The end of winter may still feel like a ways off, but once the melt begins and the growing season starts, the health of your trees can change rapidly. Maier Tree and Lawn encourages homeowners to stay vigilant for tree diseases, especially if you they own any variety of elm tree near Winona, MN. Dutch elm disease is one of several tree diseases that can devastate a population of trees quickly and efficiently. By watching for early warning signs, you can prevent tree loss, damage, and even death.

Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch elm disease can impact almost every variety of elm that grows in the Midwest, including American elms, red elms, rock elms, and more. The disease can ravage a single elm quickly and can spread to vulnerable trees nearby as well. The severity of Dutch elm disease depends on a variety of factors, including the initial health of the tree prior to infection as well as the strain of fungi that is causing the damage. But no matter which variety of Dutch elm you’re dealing with, quick action is vital if you’re aiming to preserve the health of your trees.

Signs Of Dutch Elm Disease

Some signs of Dutch elm include yellowing and browning of leaves in late spring, dark lines or patterns underneath the bark on the flesh of the tree, and the presence of beetles that can carry the disease from tree to tree. Once a tree is infected, the disease can be passed via beetles, wood and fungi exposure, insect larvae, and even firewood. Because of the high risk of transmission, you should avoid the transportation of elm wood from all high-risk areas. Also, remember that if left untreated, a tree problem like Dutch elm disease can infect a tree and kill it within a single growing season.

Treating Tree Disease

Treating a tree disease such as the Dutch elm involves quite a bit of active management by tree care professionals like those at Maier Tree and Lawn. Part of the treatment involves prevention, such as the removal of infected trees from vulnerable tree populations, and regular application of potent fungicides. Tree care experts can work with you and your property to ensure that tree diseases are kept at bay during and after the growing season. Plus, if you have concerns about your property or tree population, our professionals can help you select trees for your yard that are resistant to Dutch elm and similar tree diseases.

At Maier Tree and Lawn, we can provide treatment support for tree diseases, consultations about resistant species, and services for tree removal in the event of Dutch elm infestations. For all of their tree disease mitigation needs, Winona, MN, residents can contact us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information.

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