Posted: June 12, 2019

Keeping a healthy lawn in Rochester, MN, takes a fair amount of attention and expertise. It's not always as simple as misting a little water and leaving your grass to its own devices. Maier Tree and Lawn's experts remind homeowners that healthy lawns come in contact with a plethora of outside influences whether they arrive via shoes, animals, wind, or other nearby lawns. Sometimes the result is some minor weed growth or physical damage, but in other cases, your healthy lawn might come in contact with a lawn pest. With a little bit of regular lawn maintenance, however, you can keep your lawn happy and in great shape regardless of what sort of pests your grass encounters.

There is significant variety in the world of pests. Minnesota alone is home to worms, beetles, grubs, and all manner of troublesome creepy-crawlies that can cause trouble for your turf. For instance, Japanese beetle grubs are one of the many potential pests that may pay you a visit. These pests eat grass down by the roots, preventing new blades from growing and killing healthy grass. They can create extensive brown spots and dead spots over time. Because these visitors can be tiny and hard to spot, you may have to keep your eyes peeled for those signs of damage in order to search them out. Part of your normal lawn maintenance process should include noting troubling spots and paying attention to how and if they degrade further.

If you notice discoloration, webbing, dead spots, or visible pest movement in your grass, you may need to consider incorporating pest removal options into your lawn maintenance routine. The nature of pests is that they don't only cause damage, but also attract other creatures that reside above them on the food chain. Grubs, bugs, and mites attract mammals and birds who may peck or dig them out for food. This can cause additional damage to the root systems due to frequent intrusions and root trauma. Without lawn maintenance, your lawn could be pecked-away little by little.

Alternatively, lawn maintenance professionals can also assist you with pest mitigation tools and techniques. If you don't want to wait until damage becomes apparent, you can request anti-pest lawn treatments from your local lawn maintenance professionals. Regardless of which option you choose, the only wrong choice is to ignore a lawn pest problem until it's too late to save portions of your previously healthy lawn.

If your Rochester, MN, lawn is showing signs of pest problems, contact Maier Tree and Lawn for information on how to treat damaged lawns and fight back against lawn pests. Call us at (507) 286-8733 or by visiting our website here for additional info on our lawn maintenance services today!

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