Posted: March 17, 2014

Rochester and Winona Landscape Care by Maier Tree & Lawn

With one winter storm after another, it's easy to find yourself dreaming of spring. Can you picture it? The early morning serenade of twittering and chirping birds, the smell of fresh rainfall upon a warm gentle breeze, perennial bulbs pushing up shoots like tiny little green arms raised in a final yawn to shrug away the slumber of winter…it’s not too far off! Here’s the thing: You don’t have to just dream about spring. You can be actively pursuing those beautiful spring days even now. How you treat your landscape now during the “off season” will have a lasting effect the rest of the year. To start spring off right, seek professional landscape care in Winona and Rochester, MN, with Maier Tree & Lawn today!

As you anticipate the snowmelt, there are a few things you can get in order now to get a jump on spring lawn care later:
• As ground conditions permit, rake up leaves leftover from the fall and any added debris from the long winter such as twigs and rocks.
• If your lawn has been compacted by heavy snow, consider professional aerating to allow for more growth with the increase of air, moisture, and nutrients.
• To improve your tree growth, consider deep root fertilization in the spring.
• Seek tree care services and advice about pruning.

Making sure your landscape is in tip-top shape can be quite the burden, especially if it needs extra TLC after this harsh winter. Maier Tree & Lawn employs true professionals along with the best systems and products available to boost the health of your landscape with proper care, you can enjoy your beautiful yard from spring's first greening to winter’s first flakes. Call Maier Tree & Lawn to set up regular landscape maintenance services in Winona and Rochester, MN. Spring will be here in no time, and by being prepared, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about your yard and more time playing fetch with your dog or running laps with your children. It’s your yard - go out and enjoy it!

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