Posted: February 20, 2016

Effective care for aging trees demands that professional arborists stay current on the latest research into the special needs of mature trees. Since "tree whisperers" don't exist outside of cool sci-fi movies, new insight about the health of aging trees must be actively learned by tree care specialists, like those at Maier Tree & Lawn, through annual events such as the Rochester Arborist Workshop (or RAW). By investing in continuing education, professional arborists are able to share ideas and grow their skill in an interactive environment.

This year's topic at RAW is the health and care of aging trees, something that southeast Minnesota has in great abundance. It may surprise you to know that aging trees really do require different care than their younger counterparts. With the knowledge gained at workshops like RAW, even elderly trees can receive the care they need.

Some of the topics being covered at the Rochester Arborist Workshop this year include tree health and nutrition, safety risks associated with working in aging trees, how to manage mature trees properly, and how to remove them safely. All of these topics are very important, but the safety factor of working with older trees is foremost.

Aging trees have the potential to be hollow, brittle, or particularly susceptible to strong weather, meaning that mature branches could break more easily than flexible saplings. This isn't just dangerous for tree care workers, it’s a concern for the safety of anyone who spends time outdoors under a canopy of branches. Workshops like RAW provide an opportunity for arborists to learn from nationally recognized experts and to share experiences with their peers.

In the heavily wooded hills and valleys of southeast Minnesota, all ages of trees coexist. This creates a beautiful mosaic of tree life and history. Preserving that beauty and keeping it safe for all to enjoy is a difficult, but important goal. This is why conventions such as the Rochester Arborists Workshop are so vital. This is also why it's great news that all of the arborists at Maier Tree & Lawn are committed to furthering their education at every opportunity.

Maier Tree & Lawn cares about your trees and shrubs, young and old, and is also striving to implement state-of-the-art scientific management for your lawn. If you're interested in the topics being covered at the Rochester Arborist Workshop 2016, visit our website here. If you're looking for help with your aging trees in Rochester, Winona or the surrounding area, contact Maier Tree & Lawn at 507.286.8733, or visit our website.

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