Posted: June 13, 2022

Stymying the spread of tree diseases is similar to containing contagious conditions in humans. Reducing contact, providing health checkups, and treating symptoms all contribute to treatment plans that can prevent and treat diseases such as oak wilt and bur oak blight from infecting more trees on your Rochester, MN, property or in your neighborhood. Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree care experts work hard to ensure that your trees can grow and flourish safely regardless of the current state of infectious tree diseases in Minnesota.

Oak Wilt & Bur Oak Blight

Oak wilt and bur oak blight are similar in that you may spot signs of browning, discoloration, damage, or early falling leaves on your oak leaves on their onset. Though some species of oak can be more resistant to these blights, for many Minnesota trees, contagious tree diseases can prove deadly if not stopped, treated, or removed by cutting down the tree. Oak wilt alone kills thousands of trees a year, and spring is one of its biggest spreading seasons.

Preventing Spread

Preventing the spread of both oak wilt and other similar conditions is essential as the more trees that become infected, the more difficult it is to contain the blight across the state and even across the country. In some cases, oak wilt and bur oak blight can be treated with special fungicides, but even with treatment, containment is still an essential aspect of tree disease management.

Signs Of Oak Wilt

Signs of oak wilt and bur oak blight can be difficult to identify with an untrained eye. If you’re ever concerned that your oak trees may be at risk of infection, tree care experts can help you assess the health and safety of any and all trees on your property. If your trees have indeed been impacted by a tree disease, Maier Tree and Lawn is available to assist with treatment and mitigation as well. Rochester, MN, area residents can reach out to us today by calling (507) 286–8733 or visiting our website here for more information.

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