Posted: March 20, 2020

Your lawn is part of a complex urban ecosystem. The particulars of each individual system varies, but it may be made up of any number of interconnected processes and organisms, including your trees, turf, soil, and everything in between. Through symbiotic support, each level of the system interconnects and sustains the others. In particular, the soil in your lawn functions to redirect and absorb runoff, sustain plant life, and to harbor animals, insects, and microorganisms essential to a healthy lawn and healthy shrubs and trees.

Maier Tree and Lawn takes a unique approach to lawn care services that considers the entire urban ecosystem, and for Rochester, MN, residents, this can mean excellent lawn health that lasts a lifetime. Remember that every part of your lawn’s ecosystem is vital when administering effective lawn care services. Too often in lawn maintenance, factors like turf roots are addressed without also considering the roots of shrubs and trees as well. Without attending to all aspects of your turf, you may be neglecting areas that need attention or missing opportunities for better comprehensive lawn health. An ecosystem that promotes great lawn health does so by treating all components as equal contributors to a healthy whole. Our first consideration when it comes to tree, turf, and lawn health is soil building.

Maier Tree and Lawn’s lawn care services utilize green techniques to build the soil beneath your lawn and improve the growing conditions for your grass, trees, and shrubs. Our recommendations and lawn care services are proven to improve the soil that all vegetative roots need to thrive. Through proper nutrition, the right seed, green practices, and education, we can help create the right conditions for optimum growth of your lawn. Promoting the healthy and beautiful growth of your Rochester, MN, turf, lawn, trees, and shrubs is our ultimate goal at Maier Tree and Lawn. If you’re interested in improving lawn health or are looking into other lawn care services, contact us today at (507) 286-8733.

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