Posted: August 28, 2022

Minnesota lawns go through a lot throughout the year, and while we may not have the sustained dry heat of Arizona at our door, the highs and lows of Winona, MN, summer temperatures can still do a number on your grass. Maier Tree and Lawn recommends keeping a close eye on your lawn following a major heat wave and ensuring that your grass is getting enough water and nutrients to really beat the heat. Lawn care is important at any time of the year.


As summer transitions into fall, the fear of excess heat may seem like less of a worry, but heat spikes and drought can still be a factor to consider as we move into a new season. And without adequate care, lingering heat damage on your lawn can lead to unsightly and unhealthy brown spots. In fact, the signs of heat damage are important to identify and manage in any season.

Heat Damage

Heat damage or stress can be identified early on by watching for signs of dehydration. If your grass seems to be missing its springiness, is brittle and breakable, or is sporting brown tips, you may be looking at some of the signs of a water shortage. It might feel like an easy solution to crank up your watering when temperatures spike, but doing so thoughtlessly can leave your lawn drowning and overwhelmed.

Heat Stress

Drought and heat stress can also lead to soil compaction, which may just make that water pool on the surface—and that can lead to a whole new whole of fungal issues where heat is concerned. Depending on the state of your soil, aeration or other mitigation techniques may be required before any watering really does its job. If you suspect that your lawn is suffering from heat stress and your normal lawn care techniques don’t seem to be doing the job, your best solution is to rely on an expert.

Lawn Care

It’s difficult to overstate the impact that a hot, dry summer can have on previously healthy turf. The lawn care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn can help you assess the current state of your lawn and introduce effective heat mitigation tips and techniques. And better yet, our lawn care support is carefully catered to your specific property.

If your Winona, MN, property is struggling with heat damage and stress, Maier Tree and Lawn can offer comprehensive lawn care support. Call us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for additional information.

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