Posted: July 22, 2016

If you're a Winona, MN, resident you're certainly no stranger to greenery. Trees abound in the riverside town, and attractive landscaping is a common sight from the college campus to the upper-bluff neighborhoods. Professional lawn care services such as Maier Tree and Lawn are regular visitors to cities such as Winona because of these attributes, which means all the help you need for your lawn is just a phone call away. However, if you're looking to do a little maintenance on your own, here are a few quick tips for maintaining some of the more down-to-earth parts of lawn care.

Depending upon the height and density of your trees, tree trimming can be quite a difficult job without help from a professional lawn care service. Shrub trimming is a little more manageable if you're looking to try some trimming on your own. Shrub trimming has the added bonus of usually not requiring any ladders or heavy machinery. This can make it an afternoon task instead of a weekend project.

Start by determining the type of shrub you're working on including its species, size, and age. If you'd like, consult a guide or a professional lawn care service to get a better idea of where to start. The basic rules to keep in mind are not to over trim, try to cut at an angle to allow water run-off, and shape the shrub so it can receive sunlight evenly. A great way to make sure the whole plant is getting the rays it needs is to keep the base of the plant thicker than the top. This gives it a pleasant rounded shape while still providing great leafy coverage for absorbing nutrients.

Utilizing a professional lawn care service is often the safest way to ensure that your bushes and shrubs are trimmed in an attractive and beneficial way. Winona, MN, residents can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 454-7000, or visit our website here for more information or to schedule a lawn care appointment. If your shrubs need a little boost, Maier Tree and Lawn is the local lawn care service to contact!

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