Posted: September 30, 2019

The weeks before winter sets in can feel like a delicate time for lawn care in Rochester, MN. Homeowners have to balance proper care and watering with freezing temperatures, and it can feel like snow will fall at any moment. However, when it comes to lawn aeration with Maier Tree and Lawn, fitting it in during the autumn months can be a great way to help your lawn retain nutrients through the upcoming cold season.

For the uninitiated, aeration is a lawn care process that helps relieve compacted lawns by manually adding a little "breathing" room. By removing small plugs of soil from your lawn, you can effectively give beneficial nutrients a way to seep deeply into the turf which will help the grass to flourish. Depending upon the type of soil in your lawn, aeration may be a once-a-year project.

The aeration process is great to do in the fall because it can help strengthen your lawn in preparation for the winter. An overly compacted lawn can increase the risk of improper draining, dryness, or even grass death due to inadequate nutrients. Aeration is a great way to give your lawn every advantage before the harsh winter sets in.

Along with eliminating compacted soil, aeration can increase the potential for nutrients in your lawn thanks to additional access points to the roots. It's best to plan aeration after a peak growing period and before dormancy whenever possible to maximize the benefits of the process. However, like many aspects of lawn care, this timeline is a little flexible. If you're not sure if aeration is right for your lawn, consulting a lawn care professional first is a great way to ensure you're doing everything you can to help your lawn flourish after winter melts away.

If you're interested in the benefits of aeration for your Rochester, MN lawn and are looking to update your lawn care techniques, contact Maier Tree and Lawn today for additional information at (507) 286-8733, or by visiting our website here.

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